Pinex Company, Ft. Wayne, IN

According to Historic Buildings and Structures of the West Central Neighborhood Association Fort Wayne, IN, William H. Noll started the Pinex Company in 1905. This company manufactured a cough remedy called “Pinex” which, by 1910, could be purchased in nearly any drugstore in the United States. He was born in Fort Wayne and received a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from the University of Michigan. He married Laura Green in 1906. For two years, he was employed in a drug store operated by his father, Benedict Noll, before starting the Pinex Company. From the Pinex profits, William and Laura were able to build a grand home in Fort Wayne that, including the furnishings, was said to have cost over one million dollars. Also, several years before World War I, William operated the first liquid nail polish industry in the United States, but sold his interests after the war. William died in 1941 at the age of 66.


Bottle Embossed: PINEX TRADE MARK

According to newspapers, in 1960 Revlon, Inc. while expanding its operations in the proprietary drug field, purchased the Pinex Company.

The Pinex label included directions to mix the syrup concentrate with sugar and water to produce the cough syrup, as well as a list of ingredients (Alcohol, Chloroform, Oil of Pine Tar, Potassium Guaiacol Sulphonate, Oil of Eucalyptus, Extract Grindelia and Glycerine).


Pinex cough syrup bottle label.


1926 Pinex cough syrup ad


1935 Pinex Advertisement on back of the Pine Mountain Merry Makers Song Folio


1941 Pinex Cough Syrup Calendar – WWVA, Frankie More & Log Cabin Boys. The company sponsored a radio show on WWVA (in Wheeling, West Virginia) that featured Frankie More and Log Cabin Boys. The calendar has the words and music to a song named “If you can’t say something good about someone (’tis better to say nothing at all)” by Frankie More. Small photos of the band members are on the left and right sides of the calendar.


Pinex Cough Syrup Matchcover, circa 1935


3 Pinex Drugstore signs, circa 1940


Another popular Pinex product was laxatives.

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42 Responses to Pinex Company, Ft. Wayne, IN

  1. Bill Kohrman says:

    According to their grave stone William H Noll was born in 1866 and passed away in 1950 at age 84. Amma Sarah Couey Noll was born in 1871 and passed away in 1942 [there are no typo’s in this message]

    • GJ Lowe says:

      Thats the wrong tombstone then. My grandmother was his niece. She says he did die when he was 66. Her father was head of the company with regards to its canadian operations/distribution. I just looked this up today for her. She said its all accurate. Ive heard this part of my family’s history from her since I was a child, as has my mother.

      • Nathan says:

        Do you know where the name of the product came from? Pinex is one of my friend’s last name. I’m wondering if the product Pinex is named after a person or if it was named some other way.

  2. Jetsin says:

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thought of that!

  3. Was he related to Bishop John Noll?

  4. sandy bosley says:

    As a kid my Mom would mix the concentrate with honey.

  5. suesmith says:

    I took this as a child, can it be purchased any where?

    • Jessica says:

      Hello, thanks for reading. From what I can find, it is no longer being manufactured. There are many posts online with people looking for it, but no stores seem to carry it anymore and the manufacturer does not list it.

  6. ROBERT MOSNOT says:


    • Jessica says:

      Hello, thanks for reading. From what I can find, it is no longer being manufactured. There are many posts online with people looking for it, but no stores seem to carry it anymore and the manufacturer does not list it.

  7. Pinex was the very best cough syrup ever. A Big Pharma company (forget now which one) that was the manufacturer of 4 other cough syrups bought the company that was making it (AM Best, I believe) and then discontinued Pinex because it was outselling all four of it’s other cough syrups combined!

  8. Laura Noll La Shelle says:

    Bishop John Noll was not a member of this Noll family. I know, because my father, William Frederick Noll who was the grandson of the founder Benedict Noll was my Father. My Father died of a massive heart attack in Feb., 1945. Mr. Kohrman’s references are not applicable to this Noll family.

    • Kathleen Kearns says:

      My father, Bernard T. Kearns, was president of the Pinex Company. I’m trying to recall the street number of the Company on Columbia Street. Does anyone know?
      Kathleen Kearns

      • says:

        hi k. – we were neightors & group played sports w/j. our parents were the best! – tom c,.

      • Nathan says:

        Hi Kathleen,
        Do you know where the name for the Pinex company came from? My friend’s last name is Pinex and it’s so rare I was wondering if there was any connection with his last name and the name of the company.

        Than you

    • Bill Kohrman (former classmate) says:

      Thank you, Laura, for clearing that up. I have posted a correction stating what you said.
      I wondered what ever became of you and your good friend, Janice F.

  9. Alice says:


  10. dale setzer says:

    If a bottle exactly like the one pictured in the begining of the page while river walking near where i live. (Munroe falls ohio). But the one i found still has liquid in it and still has the cork in it as well. I am wondering what you can tell me info you can tell me about the bottle. From when did they make that bottle til when did they stop making it. And no i am not going to try to sell bottle. I am keeping bottle.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi, thanks for reading. I don’t have any further details about the manufacture of the bottle. There may be resources available on bottle collector forums that could provide you more details.

  11. DEVA SPRING says:


  12. Tom Kearns says:

    Pinex Co. was located at 123 W. Columbia St., Fort Wayne, IN…the telephone number was A-2206…my Dad, B.T. Kearns, was VP and Gen Mgr. of the company until its sale to Revlon in 1960

  13. sally spies says:

    I have a full bottle in the original like new box with an 85 cent price tag from Keltsch Pharmacy on the lid. It must be at least 50 years old as I’m 70. I wonder if the Fort Wayne Museum would be interested in it? This was a staple in our house for winter blahs and we kids loved the flavor.

  14. Tom Kearns says:

    Sally, we were in the museum a few weeks ago, might want to contact them…good idea..

  15. Mitch Ward says:

    June 7, 2016 Just found a Pinex bottle in perfect condition. After reading all of the comments above, sounds like I’ve made a good find.

  16. Tom Kearns says:

    Mitch…did you find the bottle in an antique store?

  17. Tom Kearns says:

    The Pinex Building at 123 W. Columbia St., FTW Indiana, now is owned by the city of FTW as part of the future Landing project

  18. ellen blasi says:

    I am looking for information on the homes fixtures. I bought the fireplace that used to be in the living room.

  19. Richard Alford says:

    The Noll manse on Fairfield Ave., Ft. Wayne, IN, before its demise for the construction of a new church building was one amazing structure. I recall seeing, during public tours before the demolition, its multi-headed shower of a main bath from which one could choose hot, cold, steam, and other options !

    • cindy says:

      Would anyone have access to photos of this grand home ?

      • Richard Alford says:

        The Allen County Indiana Public Library has a digital photo of the Fairfield Avenue street view of the main walk up to the front entrance of the Noll mansion. It is available for viewing online. It is possible that the library may have other archival photos of the property or with some research through the microfilm newspaper collections of either the News Sentinel or Journal Gazette around the time of the mansion’s demise, some other views may have been printed by those newspapers which I believe did some articles regarding the sale of the property and its then future reuse.

      • cindy says:

        Thank you. I have some of the architecture salvage and photos of the entrance during the demolition. Was curious as to what it looked like before being lost!

  20. Kimberly Womack says:

    I found a half full bottle of Pinex cough medicine. Its in its original bottle and box with full direction pamphlet included.
    Is this worth anything or should I dump syrup and keep bottle for looks?

  21. Mike Leppert says:

    I am reading all these comments for the first time. My wife and I bought the Noll home on Lake Wawasee in 1998 and found renderings of the light fixures for the mansion. We framed them and they hang in our house. We also have some exterior photos of the grand mansion in Fort Wayne.
    I also came across some Pinex metal boxes so they must have manufactured tablets too.
    Bill Noll was in fact the brother of Bishop (acutally Archbishop) Noll and built the church on Lake Wawasee for the Fort Wayne/South Bend Diocese while his brother was Archbishop.

    • Stephen Cutler says:

      hello,i have ancestors from Ft Wayne,their name was Null but the ancestry web site said the spelling could be Noll ? my 2nd great grandfather Wheeler B Cutler was married to Martha M Null (Noll) Martha’s father or brothers name was William ? they were all from Ft Wayne,Allen county,i think the ancestry records even show that William was a store owner,I am not sure if these are the same family or not ? anyway the reading was interesting

  22. james says:

    found nice empty bottle in digging up front yard in miles city montana

  23. Glenda Shipp says:

    Where can I find this concentrate today? Thank you for your time & help.

    Glenda Shipp

  24. Cindy Fergus says:

    My mom made this for us when we wr kids. We loved it. I didnt have many colds as a kid. Wish they had this in Canada. I would but a case

  25. Carol Rode says:

    With so many people still looking for/and wanting to buy this products, why doesn’t some entrepeneuring person start making it again? Just don’t sell as a medicine, but as a food supplement. I used it as a kid (thru my bout of whooping cough) and used it in the 60’s for my little ones. Like everyone says, it was THE ONLY cough syrup that worked. Come on, somebody–get to work & help us oldies out. I’d buy a case…..

    • Richard Alford says:

      Uhm, formulation, as I recall, from using it from a young age had a fairly high alcohol content, It worked on the coughs, tasted as good as cough syrup is able to ( was mixed at home with fairly large amount of sugar and water ), but at age 5 or 6, after drinking it right from the undiluted bottle, had a nice buzz from it and slept afterwards for about a day and a half ! At least it wasn’t an opioid… Sincerely, Richard Alford

  26. Dana Mckissack says:

    Need a bottle of pine please email me if and when I’m able to purchase

  27. Donna Waters says:

    My mother worked for the Nolls as a young woman as a maid. She had pictures from the Florida hours outside with their cook. I wish I would have known more about Fort Wayne and I would have asked more questions of her.

    • Mike Leppert says:

      Donna do you still have pictures of the Florida home. I have one of their Ft Wayne home.
      Actually I own their Lake Wawasee home in Syracuse Indiana about an hour from Ft Wayne.

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