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I am the supervisor of the analysis of the archaeological collection recovered from the Old Main excavation.

Santal de Midy, Paris

The product Santal de Midy was a medicine for the treatment of venereal and urinary diseases, most notably gonorrhea. Santal is the French name of sandalwood (bois de santal), the principal ingredient of the medicine, and Midy is the name … Continue reading

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Lavoris Chemical Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

According to the Minneapolis Historic Building Survey, “The LaVoris Company was founded in 1902 by Charles E. Leigh and William H. Levings. Leigh was a druggist at 7th Street and Nicollet Avenue. Lavoris originated the mouthwash which became the firm’s … Continue reading

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Electric Bitters, H.E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, ILL

Electric Bitters was a laxative that contained 18% alcohol.  It’s label proclaimed it was “The Great Family Remedy for all diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys, biliousness, general debility, fever and ague and blood disorders.” As mentioned in another … Continue reading

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Scott’s Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil, New York City, New York

Fish oil capsules and omega-3 supplements that are common today can trace their origins to the infamous cod liver oil of yesteryear, often given to children by well intentioned adults to combat the debilitating diseases caused by vitamin D deficiency, … Continue reading

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Waterman Pen Company, New York City, NY

The story of this Waterman’s Ink bottle is not so much about ink as it is about pens, since Lewis Waterman is known as “the inventor of the capillary feed fountain pen and the founder of Ideal Pen Company and … Continue reading

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Husband’s Calcined Magnesia, Philadelphia, PA

Unlike many patent medicine creators of the 19th century, Thomas J. Husband, creator of Husband’s Calcined Magnesia, seems to have been well liked and highly respected by all, with a product that seemed both effective and free of controversy.

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Hay’s Hair Health, New York City, New York

Hay’s Hair Health was a hair product sold from the late 1880’s through the early 1940’s. Advertisements during this period indicated that it was manufactured in the late 1800’s by the London Supply Company of New York and later by … Continue reading

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