NPR: Digging Up The Roots Of Modern Waste In Victorian-Era Rubbish

I wanted to share this great article from NPR that covers many of the same topics of interest as this blog.

victorian bottles

“In the landfill, the food waste has long disintegrated. What’s left is Victorian-era packaging.

“What we find in the 1880s and 1890s is that more and more packaged products are coming onto the market,” Licence explains to his volunteers. “People have got more money in their pockets to spend, and rather than making things at home, they’re buying it in small containers, bottles and tins, and those things really can’t be reused, they can’t be kept.”

With more and more disposable, packaged goods, the average household’s volume of garbage skyrocketed.”

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I am the supervisor of the analysis of the archaeological collection recovered from the Old Main excavation.
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