Armour and Company, Chicago, IL

Armour and Company was the major meatpacking company of Chicago. In 1891, the company was the largest meat packer in the country and controlled 30 percent of Chicago’s grain supply; under the brand name Veribest, Armour manufactured vegetable, soup, sauce and meat products.

Base embossed Armour & Co Packers, Chicago

Illinois Glass Company 1906 Catalog, page 225

Advertisement for Armour’s Extract of Beef

Cover of booklet from Culinary Wrinkles, Or How to Use Armour’s Extract of Beef

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I am the supervisor of the analysis of the archaeological collection recovered from the Old Main excavation.
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12 Responses to Armour and Company, Chicago, IL

  1. Lila Rissman says:

    I have some photographs from Armour offices around Florida. They also have little postcards with good wishes to H.E. Lester (My maternal grandfather worked for Armour as a salesman. He died in 1954). from office managers. Many of them have canned foods sitting on the desks.
    Would anyone be interested in them?

  2. Kim says:

    I have a small white jar that was used for the beef extract, in very good condition. Does anyone have an idea of it’s worth?

  3. Pat Burns says:

    I have a salt shaker from armour & co chicago my son found while digging a hole at work does anyone have an idea of its worth its 5 1/4th tall x 1 1/4x 2” wide with like scroll design on bottom and top of jar someone said maybe from the chicago fair not sure about this but would apprecate any help

  4. Pat Burns says:

    chicago fire not fair

  5. Shon Novak says:

    I have a old check from armour and company it was
    a refund check on price regulation from 1943 . It was from the
    Fort. Worth company it is the he check never cashed
    and also have a 60 year pin does anyone know
    or want to buy them? Let me know thanks

  6. bruce matthewd says:

    I have just found a am our & Co jar in Watertown ny.

    Is about 1′ 1/22 tall. By 1′ wide

    White milk glass

  7. mantisguy says:

    My girlfriend’s grandma, Peggy Ullmann, looked after Jessica and Lael when they were children. She has expressed interest in seeing them again. Recently, Peggy moved back to Chicago with her family. Does anybody know how I may be able to get in touch with Jessica or Lael? It would warm an old woman’s heart to see them again and recall old memories.

  8. Dale Hayward says:

    I have many stock certicicates from Armour and Company c:1934. Anyone have any information to help me value them, please.

  9. Bill Ineman says:

    My name is Bill Ineman. I worked for Armour
    Foods from 1971 to 1992. I have in my possession old Amour marketing memorabilia in the form of micro film and records!
    Would there be any interest in these items?
    What would be the worth?
    Please let me know!

  10. Erin Johnson says:

    Found one of these jar, so cool

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